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Staff Directory


Mr. Hoessler Principal
Ms. Ashchroft Assistant Principal Grades K – 2nd
Ms. Glennon Assistant Principal Grades 7th – 8th
Ms. McCool Assistant Principal Grades 5th – 6th
Ms. Walton Assistant Principal Grades 3rd – 4th
Ms. Haugen Executive Secretary to the Principal  (904) 547-7900
Ms. Abrams Clerk
Officer Barnhart School Safety Officer
Ms. Barrera-Moore Extended Day Coordinator Extended Day Website
Ms. Butts Office Clerk
Ms. Campbell Guidance Clerk
Ms. Carter School Nurse Clinic Website
Mr. Consaul Behavior Interventionist
Mr. Cromwell Dean
Mr. Hoechst School Psychologist
Ms. Lange Middle School Registrar/Operator
Ms. Langowski Instructional Coach
 Mr. Metz Technology Specialist
Ms. Penwell School Nurse Clinic Website
 Ms. Pierce  Bookkeeper
 Ms. Ruiz  Office Clerk
Ms. Stricker Elementary Registrar/Operator
Ms. Valentine LEA Clerk
Ms. York Testing Coordinator
Ms. Cox School Counselor
Grades 7th – 8th
Ms. Heller School Counselor
Grades 5th – 6th
Ms. Lorensen School Counselor Grades 3rd – 4th
Ms. Sullens School Counselor Grades K – 2nd
Ms. Keane Media Specialist Media Center Website
Mr. Arnold ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Clemons ESE Paraprofessional
Mr. Combs Paraprofessional
Ms. Gloster ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Kamau ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Knuckley ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Miller ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. O’Hara Media Paraprofessional
Ms. Sarraraz Paraprofessional
Ms. Spirollari ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Stem Media Paraprofessional
Ms. Sultana ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Galat Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Kusiak Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Martin-Jones Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. McMurry Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Pallai Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Peryam
Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Randle-Hayes
Kindergarten Teacher (long-term substitute)
Ms. Rhodus Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Tuscan Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Verlsteffen Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Baughman 1st Grade Associate Teacher
Ms. Devault 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Elie 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Floyd 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Gray 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Herrin 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Martin 1st Grade Associate Teacher
Ms. Pate 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Quimby 1st Grade Associate Teacher
Ms. Raya 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Sheperd 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. J. Veale 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. M. Veale 1st Grade Teacher
Ms. Aranda 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Bachann 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Ballowe 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Beaver 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Boucher 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Dougherty 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Gilbert 2nd Grade Associate Teacher
Ms. Higgs 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Kemmitz 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Kessel 2nd Grade Associate Teacher
Ms. Konecny 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Spence 2nd Grade Teacher
Ms. Ashley 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Chandler 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Ford 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Hickey 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Hoekstra 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Lamb 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Lewis 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Marino 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Moree 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Schaefer 3rd Grade Teacher
Ms. Yerves 3rd Grade Teacher
Mr. Buckley 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Carroll 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Clark 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Curran 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Hardy 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Lovett 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Marton 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Heitke 4th Grade Teacher  (long-term substitute)
Ms. A. Ryan 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Wright 4th Grade Teacher
Ms. Applegate 5th Grade Teacher
Dr. Fontaine-Jacobs 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Hayes 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Hefter 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Moleski 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Morton 5th Grade Teacher
Mr. Nicholson 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Spanjer 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Sutaria 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Whitley 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Balcita 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Ms. Hale 8th Grade ELA and Journalism/Yearbook Teacher
Ms. McGinnis 8th Grade ELA Teacher
Ms. Owen 7th Grade ELA Teacher
Ms. S. Ryan Intensive Reading
Ms. Strillchuk 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Ms. Woolston 6th Grade ELA Teacher
Mr. Deagle 6th Grade World History Teacher
Ms. Lutts 7th Grade US History, 8th Grade Civics, and TV Production Teacher
Ms. Osborne 6th Grade World History Teacher
Mr. Raimondo 7th Grade US History Teacher
Mr. Ryan 7th Grade US History and 8th Grade Civics Teacher
Ms. Wurstner 8th Grade Civics Teacher
Ms. Bridenbaugh Algebra 1 Honors and Geometry Honors Teacher
Ms. Brun 7th Grade Math Teacher
Mr. Lynch 8th Grade and Algebra 1 Honors Math Teacher
Ms. Small 6th Grade Math Teacher
Ms. Sexton 6th Grade Math Teacher
Mr. Vara 7th Grade Math Teacher
Ms. Cassidy 8th Grade Science, Physical Science Honors, and Biology Honors Teacher
Ms. Johnson 6th/7th Grade Science Teacher
Ms. Lyman 6th Grade Science Teacher
Ms. Olson 7th Grade Science Teacher
Ms. Moody 8th Grade Science Teacher
Ms. Perra 7th Grade Science Teacher
Ms. Dudley Elementary Computers  Elem. Computers Website
Ms. Grubbs Middle Grades Computers
Ms. Herkel Middle Grades Drama  Drama Website
Mr. Hernandez Middle Grades Spanish
Mr. Roach Middle Grades Computers
Ms. Scoggins Elementary Art Elementary Art Website
Ms. Snyder Elementary Music
Mr. Spilling Middle Grades Band/Choir Band Website
Ms. Thomson Elementary Computers Elem. Computers Website
Mr. Wolfe Middle Grades Art
Ms. Davis Elementary PE
Ms. Dill Middle Grades PE
Mr. Eisenhuth Middle Grades PE
Mr. Forrester Middle Grades PE
Mr. Howard Elementary PE
Ms. Carpenter Gifted Consultative Teacher
 Gifted Education Website
Ms. Donohue Elementary ESE Specialist Grades K-1st
Ms. Earnshaw Gifted Consultative Teacher Gifted Education Website
Ms. Goyette Middle Grades ESE Specialist 8th Grade
Mr. Hyde Middle Grades ESE Specialist 7th Grade
Ms. Lowrie Elementary ESE Specialist 4th Grade
Mr. Luhrsen Elementary ESE Specialist 5th Grade
Ms. O’Brien Middle Grades ESE Specialist 6th Grade
Ms. Roman Elementary ESE Specialist 2nd Grade
Ms. Scarpa Elementary Grades ESE Specialist
Ms. Veniard Elementary ESE Specialist 3rd Grade
Ms. Worz Elementary Grades ESE Specialist
Ms. Flood Speech-Language Pathologist
Ms. Kelly Speech-Language Pathologist
Ms. Shaw Speech-Language Pathologist
Mr. Valastro Maintenance Coordinator
Ms. Smith Cafeteria Manager LPA Cafe Website