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Attendance Policies for Liberty Pines Academy

Attendance Policies for Liberty Pines Academy


Parents must notify the school, within 48 hours, of their child’s absence by way of a written note.   Based on district policy, any student that checks-out prior to 11:40am is considered absent for the entire day. Liberty Pines Academy has 6 hours and 20 minutes of academic time each day, making the 1/2 day mark fall at 11:40am.  Students should always bring a note explaining their absence on the day they return to school. The note should include the child’s name, the child’s classroom or homeroom teacher’s name, the date and an explanation of the absence, and a parent signature.  Failure to bring in a note will result in an automatic unexcused absence.  If your child is ill and absent for two days, contact the homeroom teacher to arrange for the school work your child has missed.  Any student who is absent must make his/her own arrangements with the teacher to make up the missed work.  Students with an extended illness may qualify for the Hospital Homebound program.  For other extended absences, please notify the principal, in writing, prior to the absence.  Please do not schedule vacations during the testing period.



School begins at 8:30 a.m.  Students are considered tardy when they are not in their classrooms ready to receive instruction at that time.  Any student arriving at school after 8:30 a.m. must report to the front office desk to receive an admit slip before going to the classroom. Tardiness is disruptive to the learning environment and has a negative impact on student achievement.  Studies have shown that students who are tardy have a higher risk of poor performance.


Tardy Consequences:

  1. Students will receive 2 unexcused tardy per quarter without consequence. (Tardies will not accumulate beyond the current quarter.)
  2. Excused tardies are granted only upon receipt of a note issued by a Professional Care Provider. Notes must be received on the day of the tardy or prior to the student’s lunch period the following day. (Notes may be faxed to 904-547-7905.)
  3. Parent notes are not acceptable in determining an excused tardy.
  4. Students will serve a lunch detention for each unexcused tardy beyond their second unexcused tardy per quarter.
  5. Five unexcused tardies per quarter will result in a 1 day in-school suspension and parent conference.
  6. Students with more than 5 unexcused tardies per quarter will receive an additional day of in-school suspension per tardy (not to exceed 3) and a parent conference.



  1. Parents must escort their child to the main office when tardy for school.
  2. Students are considered tardy any time they are not in their classroom ready to learn at 8:30 a.m.
  3. Parents will receive a notification via the School Messenger when a student is tardy to school. Students will receive a tardy notice upon late entry.
  4. Students will serve lunch detention within one week of their tardy date.
  5. Parents will have until Noon the following day to provide a Professional Health Care Provider note for an excused tardy.