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DISCLAIMER: Parents, please be cognizant of the eBooks your child checks out. eBooks cannot be categorized by content level. Consequently, students are able to read eBooks on a variety of subjects which could contain mature content. Thank you.
battle_of_the_books  Battle of the Books Information
 ssyra Sunshine State Young Readers Award for K-8
* * Saturday, MAY 4  from 10am – 2pm * *
Barnes & Noble on San Jose Blvd in Mandarin
A percentage of all book and cafe sales will go to LPA. Be sure to let all cashiers know that you are there to support LPA. Can’t make it on May 4th? No problem! In-store and online purchases between May 5-9th will also support the LPA Book Fair – make sure to identify yourself as a supporter of LPA!
Still hungry to support LPA? Newk’s Eatery on San Jose Blvd in Mandarin is offering a percentage of sales to support LPA’s Book Fair on May 6-8th. Head over to Barnes & Noble to pick up additional books in the week after the May 4th Book Fair, and then stop in at Newk’s! Make sure to let them know you are an LPA Wolf by using code #12505210!
 lweek Celebrate Literacy Week
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March Madness Book
Competition (Grades 3-5)