LPA Cafeteria Lunch Information 2016-2017



Welcome to LPA Cafe’

All entree’s we now serve can be made into a lunch as long as your student picks up a fruit and or vegetable.



Lunch Menus and Prices

MEAL PRICES for 2016-2017 Elementary Breakfast $1.25 Elementary Lunch $2.70 Secondary Breakfast $1.25 Secondary Lunch $2.85 Extra Milk $.60 Adult Breakfast $1.60 Adult Lunch $3.75 Reduced Price Meal at Breakfast $.30 Reduced Price Meal at Lunch $.40.

Lunch Menus

LPA Snack price list



Free/Reduced Lunch Information

Message about Free and Reduced Price Meal Programs In this economically challenging time, your student(s) may be eligible to receive free or reduced price meals.  Please be reminded that applications are available in the school’s administration office, food service manager’s office, or the Food Service District web site.  Families may apply at any time.  Once approved, the eligibility is effective for the entire school year.  If you have applied in the past and have been denied, and your family circumstances change, please reapply as your students may now qualify  . Should you have any questions, please contact the District FNS Dept at 904-547-3960.

Free and Reduced Lunch Information Read more information regarding Free and Reduced Lunches.

 Online Lunch Pre-Payment Plan PayPams Form – Page 1 (English) PayPams Form – Page 2 (English) PayPams Form – Page 1 (Spanish) PayPams Form – Page 2 (Spanish)