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Volunteer Information

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Volunteers Make Our School Outstanding!

PTO Board Position and Descriptions Find information on LPA PTO Positions.

Volunteer Registration In order to volunteer in any of our St. Johns County schools, you must first register to be an approved volunteer.  The Volunteering in St. Johns County flyer provides information on how to become a registered volunteer.

Volunteer Policies Volunteers play such a valuable role for our school and LPA has certain policies in place to ensure that your volunteer experience is fruitful for both you and our students.  Please read the LPA Loves Our Volunteers Do’s and Don’ts flyer to become aquainted with our school policies for volunteers.

Volunteer Time Sheets Attention All Volunteers – Please be sure to keep track of any volunteer hours you may be accumulating from working at home on school projects or may have completed this summer before school’s start. You may click on the link to download the LPA Volunteer Time Sheet.  Please submit this form at the end of the month to Liberty Pines Academy or email this information (Preferred Method) to Kim Delaney.  Thank you for your assistance.  Please turn in monthly!!

Verification of Community Service Hours Student volunteers may request a letter from the LPA PTO Secretary to verify community service hours worked at PTO events using the Student Community Hours Verification Letter Request Form.

Kim Delaney Volunteer Coordinator