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PTO Check Request and Collection of Income Procedures and Forms

Reimbursement: Check Request Form 

  • Please complete the Check Request Form in its entirety. Additional forms are located in the PTO room.
  • Please attach supporting documentation and original receipts.
  • Please obtain signatures from BOTH the Committee Chair and an Executive Board Member.
  • Once the form is completed, it can be placed in the treasurer’s file located in the PTO room which will be checked every Tuesday and Friday BY NOON. Reimbursement checks will either be returned to the school, or mailed, by the Friday following receipt of the request, along with your portion of the request form. PLEASE KEEP THIS FOR YOUR RECORDS FOR THE YEAR.
  • Please note…Check Request forms can only be accepted with two signatures. This ensures all parties associated with the expense are aware of how it affects their budgets.
  • All check requests MUST be submitted within 30 day of purchase.
  • Any purchase over $100 must be pre-approved by an Executive Board Member.
  • We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines, however if the check is NEEDED prior to Friday, please contact Robyn Cebulko @ [email protected] and we’ll do our best to complete the request promptly.

Collections: Collection of Income Form 

  • Please complete the Collection of Income form in its entirety.
  • Please be sure to specify the source of income and to what budget category the funds should be applied.
  • If the funds include checks, please list each check separately on the left of the form.
  • If the funds include cash, please break down exactly what denomination and how many of each are included in your deposit.
  • Please have the money recounted and the form signed by another board member.
  • Once the form is completed, please attach the appropriate deposit to its corresponding form (you may need to use more than one form) and put it in a sealed envelope labeled with LPA PTO Attention: Robyn Cebulko.  If you would prefer to give the deposits directly to the treasurer, please contact Robyn Cebulko @ [email protected] to make arrangements.

**Any incomplete forms will be returned for correction before those check requests can be honored or deposits made, so please use care when completing.

** PTO Wrap-up Form: Wrap Up Form