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Liberty Pines Academy PTO

Business Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Support Liberty Pines?

We All Benefit

The entire St. Johns community benefits from a solid school system, even those of us with no children enrolled. The quality of our schools helps sustain the demand for housing in our community and maintains property values. A community-wide commitment to Liberty Pines Academy ensures that our school, and our community, remains strong.

Business Values/Community Strength

St. Johns is not only a great place to live; it is a great place to locate your business. Businesses thrive here, and it is not uncommon for business owners and employees to make St. Johns their home. Effective schools like Liberty Pines Academy ensure a vital community, which sustains a strong business environment.

Working Together/Ensuring the Future

Many of us live and work near Liberty Pines Academy because we value the education our children receive. By any measure, LPA is among the top public elementary schools in Florida. While the district provides the basics of education, our PTO fills in critical gaps by providing Science, Music, Art, and Physical Education programs. Strong education is the foundation to success in life, and to the continuing success of St Johns as a neighborhood.


Please partner with Liberty Pines Academy as a Community Business Sponsor.

100% of your tax-deductible donation will go to Liberty Pines Academy and our PTO supported programs.

Excellent PR opportunity for your organization, reaching over 600 families in your local area of business!

It’s a simple cycle: support the school that sustains the community that supports your business.


Liberty Pines Academy
Partners In Education
Sponsorship Levels and Benefits 2019-2020

*Monetary donation or approved in-kind donations accepted at silver and above levels only.

**At all levels, additional purchases or size upgrades available if desired by partner.

Fundraising Spirit Nights or Reward Sales Programs:
Business partners can earn their sponsorship level by hosting spirit nights or reward sales programs. LPA will advertise spirit nights for our business partners who will donate a percentage of the sales from a designated day to the school. LPA will provide one flyer to be sent home with students. The business partner may purchase additional flyers. Other businesses may host ongoing sales where a percentage of sales are donated to a school when a specified marketing material is presented throughout a designated time period.

The following requirements apply to each promotion:
Minimum $50 donation per event regardless of sales.

One flyer distributed to students announcing sales program or spirit night.

Participants’ sponsorship level status will be based upon receipts of donations from events.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Month by Month

Interested in finding out more about becoming a Business Partner with Liberty Pines Academy?
Contact: Danna Bicknell
[email protected]

Please note Liberty Pines Academy PTO is a non-profit organization that administers funding initiatives benefiting the student body at Liberty Pines Academy. All sponsorships are considered a donation to the PTO and are non-refundable. LPA PTO is a 501© organization.