LPA 2015 Summer Reading for Upcoming 3-8 Students

LPA 2015 Summer Reading Upcoming 3-8 Students



Rising 3rd-8th grade LPA students are required to read a novel from their grade level book list, however we encourage students to read more books as often as possible. Reading experts note that most young readers suffer a backslide in reading skills during the summer. Research shows that a consistent amount of reading each day (30-45 minutes) will increase reading and comprehension skills and benefit students in every subject, even math. Reading is a wonderful way to escape a hot, humid summer afternoon and to travel anywhere a good author can take you. Students may come to Liberty Pines Academy on the following dates and times to take AR tests:

6/23 9am-12pm

7/21 9am-12pm



2015 Reading Lists Grades 3-8

*Students in grades 6-8 will also complete an in class writing assignment during the first two weeks of school on their summer book choice*

Upcoming Third Grade Students


Upcoming Fourth Grade Students

revised as of 6/8 (note-list is the same but no project is to be completed over the summer and will be done in class the first few weeks of school)

Upcoming Fifth Grade Students



Upcoming Sixth Grade Students

* standard students may choose a book from either list*

Upcoming Seventh Grade Students





Upcoming Eighth Grade Students