LPA 2016 Summer Reading

LPA 2016 Summer Reading



Upcoming Kindergarten

Kindergarten Summer Reading Bingo -2

Kindergarten Summer Reading Reward Plan 2015 – 1

Upcoming First Grade 

First GradeSummer Reading BINGO

Upcoming Second Grade

Second Grade Summer Reading Bingo 2016

Upcoming Third Grade

 Third Grade Book List 
(updated 7/11/16)

Upcoming Fourth Grade

2016-2017 Summer Reading Project 4th Grade (2)

Upcoming Fifth Grade


Upcoming Sixth Grade

 6th Grade Summer Book List

Upcoming Seventh Grade

STANDARDLPA 7th Grade – Summer Reading List 2016-17 –

ADVANCEDLPA 7th Grade – Summer Reading List 2016-17 –

Upcoming Eighth Grade

2016 Standard 8th Grade Summer Reading Assignment

2016 8th Grade Advanced Summer Reading List

*Students in grades 6-8 will also complete an in class writing assignment during the first two weeks of school on their summer book choice*